Monday, August 1, 2011


Aaron put together our trellis' this past week. Our cucumbers were running all over the place and the cherry tomatoes were falling over. Aaron got the trellis' made and all up in the garden. The cherry tomato trellis is a vertical line trellis but i may add some horizontal line for added support.
I noticed today that we have some baby cucumbers and watermelons starting! It will definitely be a plentiful bounty this year, regardless of our late start.
Speaking of which, we realizes that we have 5 zucchini plants and no winter squash... hahaha! I must have mixed up the seed bags and we have MORE summer squash (zucchini) rather than winter at the back of the garden. They grew slower since they were in far more shade being close to the fence so I didn't pay much attention to them to notice. We had harvested quite a few zucchini from the main plants and these recently discovered zucchini's just got their first flowers yesterday.
One of many zucchinis harvested this summer. Delicious!
We will be pulling them out once our WINTER SQUASH seeds germinate and are ready for the garden. I could just sew the seeds straight in the garden but would rather not worry about the birds and such getting hold of them early on. There is still plenty of summer left for winter squash to be started so no harm done.... just a waste of good zucchini plants. Maybe I can find someone to take them and put them in their garden.

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