Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Corner Roosts

Aaron cut some 2x4's and placed them in the spaces of the fence to create the corner roosts yesterday. I went out a while after letting them out of the coop this morning and 2 were sitting on it. They also like to hop on the run and coop to roost. I even caught them on the compost bin this morning. I am hoping once they have a nice large graduated roost set up they won't bother going on the coop and run.
Although, they will really roost on anything that happens to be lying around, regardless of its purpose. Here is a bucket I had put a cooler in to create a cool area for the chickens to sit in. I should really have taken it out the same night.
Gotta love that face!


  1. I'm so sorry you have to get rid of them :'( Are you sure there is no way around this? We live in New Brunswick, but there is nothing in our by-laws about keeping chickens. Did you read where it said you couldn't??

  2. We had missed the section of the bylaw that said no poultry... but in a 200+ page document it was easy to miss. Also I had emailed our bylaw officer prior to getting chickens and he didn't take the time to respond so I assumed we were free and clear.

    GOOD NEWS! We have found 2 different people who have offered to take our birds while we sell our home to move to an agricultural zone. This was more of a blessing in disguise. We have been looking into moving for some time but couldn't get motivated... this definitely gave us the extra push we needed. With knowing we will have a safe place for our birds in the meantime is such an added blessing, Chicken people are just simply GREAT PEOPLE!!!!