Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016... where has the time gone.

It's 2016!!  October, 2016 actually.  The time has just been blowing by me.  I love this blog and really wish I made more time for it.  The past few years have been full of camping, gardening and family fun.  I actually just finished cleaning up all my vegetable gardens and harvested all of the final tomatoes from the plants.  We had a frost warning so I decided to let the green tomatoes and peppers ripen in the house under some lights.  Peter built me a really awesome shelving unit to grow seedlings on with hanging lights and it has worked well for the past two years.  I also purchased a small greenhouse shelf unit from Lowes this spring to help me harden off my plants; I got tired of moving them inside every night and back outside every morning.  This spring we also purchased a new 25' travel trailer.  Without thinking, we parked it alongside one of the garden beds and so I didn't get much yield from my cucumber plants this year.  They were far too shaded being between the house and trailer.  Next year I will just be growing greens in that bed which should do just fine in the limited sun exposure.

Speaking of our new trailer, I think I will also start blogging more about our camping trips.  We camp all over southern ontario and I think its a great topic to chat about.  We have been to some amazing campgrounds and a few not so great ones.  I love the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, bonfires, hobo pies, and all things camping.