Saturday, August 27, 2011

To move or not to move?

Aaron and I have been talking about moving to a larger piece of land for a long time now.  With the  most recent events in our lives we can't help but feel it is a sign to go for it!  Our local government authorities are not allowing us to live the lifestyle we want.  If we are not able to supply our family with fresh, hormone free, pesticide free, preservative free and additive free foods then I can't help but think that this is no place for us to be living!  Our residential subdivision seemed like the perfect place to raise a family.  We are out of the big city, out of the town proper and assumed we could have some sort of self sufficiency while living here.  We were very wrong.  If someone were to complain about our vegetable garden we would actually have to get rid of it!!!  Can you even believe that??  What has this world come to when we can't even grow some vegetables and raise 4 hens to feed our families?  I read another blog, Trinity Acres, and what an inspiration she has been.  In the last year they have moved out of the city, started raising and growing nearly all of their own food and recently the husband quit his job and they will be living off the land!  With all of these things happening around me, good and bad, I feel as though it is the universes way of telling me to save my family from this lifestyle and get back to LIFE!!  There has been a match burning in my belly for a while and it finally touched some paper and kindling and is ablaze!  I am very motivated and hopeful that over the next year Aaron and I can find our dream home and get out of this poisonous suburbia.  That will be the log on my fire!

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