Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We have recently had a visit form our local bylaw officer regarding our chickens. It turns out we are not allowed to have them. Even though I sent the by law officer an email asking if we could have chickens in our zone, he chose to not respond to my inquiry and now we are being forced to get rid of our birds. This IS NOT where this will end! We will be appealing this decision and fighting to keep our PETS! We have received much support form the chicken community, locally and abroad. We will be fighting to change this absurd law based on misinformation. We can house an Emu in our yard as long as it in caged but cannot have 4 clean, quiet hens for fresh eggs and to teach our children about wholesome foods. The complainant even went so far as to find my BYC Blog and forward it to the bylaw officer.

Some good news is that we have found a safe haven for our birds to stay while we work on changing this law. We will also be putting our house up for sale and looking at moving into an agricultural zone so that we will be free to have our chickens, goats and any other pets we choose to have enrich our lives. It really is a shame that this person will never be enriched by my family and will never be blessed to get to know us and what we stand for.

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