Monday, November 9, 2009

Flower garden: Fall cleanup

Aaron and I worked outside a bit this weekend since the whether was beautiful! We swept the back patio and cleaned up the garden around the pool. Aaron cut back all the grasses and I pruned the hedges. I leave most small plants (perennials such as a hosta or astilbe) to use the dead matter as a shelter for new growth in the spring. It isn't until the new plant looks large enough and the whether is nice enough that I cut/pull it away.
The front flower garden needs nothing done to it since there is still only 2 plants in it. Next year will be a great year for gardening at the Lock house... lots to do!

Vegetable garden: Quick update

We have decided not to turn over the garden or add the compost until next spring once the ground thaws a bit. Upon second thought we decided not to give the dogs a big mud pile to run in every time it rains or the snow thaws. Once the garden is complete next spring it will have proper fencing to keep all animals out so it won't be a concern. I am looking forward to getting seedlings going over this winter and we plan on ordering from a catalogue... not sure which one yet, have to research a bit more first.