Thursday, August 18, 2011

No Chickens? We're Moving! Article

Last Friday I was also on a local Country station 95.9fm. I did the interview over the phone Thursday and was not able to listen to the airing. There was an article written on their webpage about the interview. It was as follows:


August 12th, 2011 . Blackburn News

An Amherstburg woman says her family is seriously considering moving out of town if they can’t keep their four family hens.

Sarah Lock says she investigated whether she was allowed to keep chickens before she brought them into her home six weeks ago. The town has a bylaw banning residents from breeding farm animals in a residential area. Since that wasn’t what Lock’s family had in mind, she next emailed the town’s bylaw enforcement office directly. When she didn’t get a reply, her family picked up the chicks, then just two weeks old.

The controversy exploded when a bylaw enforcement officer visited her home this week and told her a neighbour had filed a complaint and that the dispute “could escalate.” The officer didn’t expand on that point but made it clear, the chickens could not stay.

Lock says she got the chickens to teach her two young children where their food came from and her three year old son has grown emotionally attached to the birds. She says she wants to keep them on principal and will fight the town’s ban on live poultry, but likely from another address. A real estate agent came to her home yesterday to discuss how much the property is worth on the market.

Story by Adelle Loiselle, Blackburn News.

The photo was taken from my facebook profile without my knowledge.

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