Friday, August 19, 2011


I simply have to make mention of the crazy weather in Essex County lately.  There is a reason we win the title of Lightning capitol of Canada!  Although, recent years I feel like there have been more  thunderstorms and hail than in a long time.  Last night in particular, we had a thunderstorm and hail which was quite large.  I have to think they were around 1/2 inch or bigger.  The wind was also just whipping!  Aaron had to run out and tie up one of our young trees as it had fallen over.  Today I went to the vegetable garden to find bruised zucchinis and tomatoes and a fallen basil plant.  Talk about WEATHER!  I love thunderstorms and enjoy watching them and listening to them... its the crazy wind that causes damage.  The wind during yesterdays storm was the worst of the season as far as causing damage to the vegetation.  Hopefully that is the last of those wind storms... luckily we haven't had any tornados touch down locally unlike last year out in Leamington.

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