About Me

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a "young" mother of 2 beautifully wild children.  When I started this blog I was married with a new found desire for sustainability. This blog has gone in a few different directions since it started, as has my life. Therefore, I have rewritten my "About Me" so that it is somewhat up to speed with the present day "Me" of 2014.

Currently I am a single stay at home Mom with a plan to return to school to become an accountant, which seems to be a great choice because it gives me the option to work from home once I am finished.  I currently live in the city where I garden, am a member of a Chicken Cooperative and try to stay as locally supportive and sustainable as I possible can without making myself crazy.

I also try to raise environmentally conscious children who appreciation the environment as well as the food they eat. I want my children to know that eggs come from a chicken, a potato has a green part and that there are alternatives to the cruel and poisonous industrial food system in place today.  I want to live more simply than I have in past. I are trying to overcome to desire to acquire things.  "Things" get in the way of happiness. It is easy to find yourself wanting the big house and fancy SUV and such things; overcoming this desire is a challenge.

I do still have a great love of good food, wine, and beer yet now try to purchase as locally as possible in all 3 categories.  Our local beer scene is very poor, yet has recently started to grow.  Regardless of this, we are a short drive form Michigan which is full of microbreweries. I try to cook tasty, healthy food with vegetables from my garden as well as from locally farmers markets.  The county I live in (ESSEX) is a fabulous area rich in wineries; a short drive into the county and we hit easily 10 wineries and there are more on their way in the very near future.

Everything I am trying to do is for the benefit of my children and the world they live in. We have this one planet and I have this one lifetime... I want to make the very best of the time I have while making the earth a better place for my children.