Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let there be vegetables!

Our garden is in bloom! The vegetable garden is full of flowers and vegetables are not far behind. We have cucumber, watermelon, bean and zucchini flowers in bloom.
Bean Flowers, Cucumber flowers, watermelon flower.
I went out on Sunday morning and found honeybee's hanging out in the zucchini flowers and 2 japanese beetles making coitus on a leaf.
The other day I went out to water the garden and found a large dragon fly sitting on a tomato cage.
We are pretty blessed to have such an array of wildlife in our own back yard. This summer alone we had a duck family, 2 Robin families, too many toads to even count, frogs, an abundance of bugs and spiders and not to mention the recent groundhog we had to shoe away with mothballs. We really do have the best of both worlds when it comes to country living and urban... I love our little suburban town!
Our Duck Family, one of many toads in the grass, teen robin hanging in the nest.

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