Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ultimate Sausage Cheese Pizza

Another recipe from 'Cook Yourself Thin'. Pretty good! Not the best pizza I've ever had, but for a healthy alternative it was worth the sacrifice. To me nothing beats a greasy pepperoni pizza from Capri or Little Caesars, but this was quite good. Recipe can be found HERE. It wasn't difficult to make, although I had a difficult time coming across Chicken Basil Sausage but I think any chicken or turkey sausage will work with this recipe. I used a regular turkey sausage and it was fine. This is a recipe that can be modified to suit your tastes as well. I like broccoli on my pizza so I added that to half (since I wanted to also try it by the recipe). You could add mushrooms, regular bell peppers (which would be an even healthier alternative to the roasted), or any other fresh vegetable that you enjoy. Its very versatile and is definitely a keeper for a starting point to a healthy pizza the whole family will enjoy. You could also split the dough and make small individual pizzas for the entire family (may need to double the recipe for a family of 4).

Calories per serving 475

Friday, August 21, 2009

Opimian Society

The Opimian Society is a wine group in Canada. They offer cellar offerings from small vineyards around the world. They send out offerings 8 times each year, and each offering is from different regions. They also offer a select program which sends you 6 bottles automatically from each offering. We have been members of the select program for 3 years now and have recently canceled. We found that they send from the same wineries each year and often the same wines. Also, sometimes each offering comes with 6 bottles from the same winery. It is a good program to do for one year to get your cellar going but once you have a good starting point, it is my advice to just order when you see something you like. Another downside to the society is that you have to order 6-12 bottles of each wine you select. This means if by chance you don't like it you are stuck with 6-12 bottles. Therefore, it is nice to have a group of people to share the wine with and split the cost. Only down side to this is if you really like the wine, you now have to give some away. Either way is a risk, but so is purchasing any wine. They also send you Tidings Magazine (free) which is a nice magazine primarily about food and wine and offer tastings in major cities of most provinces (extra cost). We do enjoy the society and plan to continuing our membership.