Saturday, August 27, 2011

One generation to the next.

Recently Owen has said some things that just confirms that I am doing somethings right as a Mom.  Just the other day he picked up a cardboard box off the counter and said "Mommy, this needs to go into the recycling box."  I told him we would definitely put it in the recycling.  He kept telling me "We have to go put in in the recycling box Momma!"  It was so great to hear that he knows paper and boxes get recycled.  Then, just today, he says to me outside "Momma, I am going to go get some food."  He came back and handed me a a tiny bottle of pain and said "Mommy I am back from the Market and I got strawberry ice cream."  The fact that he said he was shopping at the market was a good feeling.  He often refers to the grocery store when I tell him we don't have something but to hear him also mention the market means we are teaching him local is always better!  

Just these 2 little things go to show that the future can be bright if we continually teach our children to take care of the planet and our food source by doing simple things such as recycling and buying local produce from the local markets.  I show Owen how the garden is growing and he will watch me pick the vegetables and help me carry them to the house (the garden setup is not conducive for having him come in and help at this point in time).  Owen eats carrots and cherry tomatoes for a snack and loves fresh fruit.  I know that if Aaron and I keep up what we are doing we will raise 2 beautiful, environmentally and health conscious adults who respect the planet and what it has to offer us.

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