Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving... maybe.

We have decided to try to sell our home.  We found a beautiful home in the county of Lakeshore.  It is a century old farm house that has been redone which sits on 1.7 acres of land surrounded by farmland.  This home would be perfect for us to have a small orchard, plenty of garden space, large chicken coop, duck pond, a few goats and even an ice rink in the winter months for the kids.  We put an offer on the home and are now trying to sell our current place.  We had the "For Sale"sign put in the front yard this morning and hope to sell fast.  If we are unable to sell our home we will be staying put.  Either way, we will be happy with the results.  If we are unable to move we will be fighting the bylaw that outlaws chickens as unconstitutional.  In the meantime we will remove our birds so that an ongoing court battle and outstanding bylaw infraction ticket doesn't get in the way of us moving.  If we lose the house we have the offer on we will quickly take our home off the market and bring our birds back to fight the bylaw.

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