Friday, July 22, 2011

Cooper's Hawk Vineyards

A new local winery opened last week and we decided to stop by for a sampling. The winery is called Cooper's Hawk Vineyard and they have 4 wine's so far, 3 of which are from their own harvest. Their Cabernet Merlot grapes were purchased off site but the wine was made in house. We stopped by with the kids in the car (Megan was sleeping) so I ran in and sampled 3 of 4 and purchased 2. I grabbed the Riesling and the Cab. Merlot. I wanted to get their unoaked Chardonnay but didn't grab it. I told aaron they were all pretty good so he ran in and tried the Rose... which was the one I didn't try. He loved it and grabbed a bottle of that as well as the unoaked chardonnay. I was rushed during my tasting and had been eating fresh local blueberries in the car so I didn't have much of a fresh palate to really gage the flavours of the wines. We have drank the Rose already which was made from Cabernet Franc grapes. It was a tad sweet, perfect for a summer afternoon, and very fruity. It was clean and crisp and well balanced in spite of its sweetness (3). I will definitely post once we do a proper tasting of the others.

2010 CHV Authentic Cabernet Franc

This Rosé was made from hand picked Cabernet Franc from a single varietal estate vineyard and was pressed and fermented cold and clean with a brix of 22, allowing natural residual sugars to balance with natural acidity. No additions or corrections were used in the making of this delicious light, crisp, fruity wine.

Tasting Notes:
Strawberry with a hint of orange zest and mint.
10.9% alc./vol. 750 ml
White Wine/Product of Canada, Vin Blanc/Produit du Canada

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