Wednesday, July 6, 2011

They're Here, They're Here!

Aaron brought home our 4, 2 week old Barred Rock Chickens last night. Honestly, they are simply adorable. What sweet little birds. They don't do a whole lot aside from eat, drink, peck and kick. They occasionally take dust baths which is pretty funny to watch. They like to huddle up together and nap. So far we have been able to keep their brooder at a decent temp for them, between 85-95. They are in our garage and so it is a bit tough to get the temp down during the hot days so we got a fan for at the back of the brooder to create a breeze for them. During the day we will be turning their heat lamp off or else it would be cooking in the garage. The heat during the day in the garage is my main concern for now, I will be keeping a very close eye on the temp of the brooder. If it gets to hot and can't be controlled they will be coming to the basement in our storage area. I am picking them up some grit today and aside from that I think we were well prepared. We haven't held them much yet since we want them to get accustomed to their new homes before bothering them too much. When we put them in the brooder they went straight for the food. They hadn't drank in the first 15 minutes so Aaron dipped their noses in the water to let them know it was there... we had read to do this. They have all been eating and drinking very well. They seem to be adjusting well to their new surroundings.

The kids were pretty excited to see the chicks. Owen was trying to get as close as humanly possible while Megan pointed and tried grabbing at them. We of course didn't let them touch them... not for a few days at least. I am heading out today to get pump hand sanitizer as well so that when anyone touches the chicks or their things we wash our hands immediately. Not only for our safety but for the chicks as well. Cleanliness is very important in preventing disease and other issues in chicks, so I have read.

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