Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Local Raspberries+Ice cream maker=YUM!

We purchased local raspberries on the weekend and planned to make jam. Once we thought about it.. we really don't eat much jam so we decided to make some ice cream. We made 2 different kinds out of a recipe book called The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovits. We made a Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream and a Raspberry Sherbet. They were both flippin' flappin' amazing! Very simple ingredients and easy to make. The Raspberry Swirl we made the vanilla base and added the raspberry puree swirl by putting 1/2 of the ice cream in the container and squeezing in the raspberry with a squeeze bottle in swirly rows within the ice cream. Then added the second half of ice cream on top and repeated. It seemed to work well. Most books just tell you to layer the ice cream and the swirl portion but I thought this worked well to actually create a real swirly look. As for the sherbet, we were suppose to remove the seeds of the raspberries but our food mill doesn't have a thin enough mesh so we left them in. I think it is great with the seeds. The seeds add a bit of tartness to raspberries that would then be missing from the sherbet had we removed them... it makes it a tad difficult to scoop into a cone since the scoop breaks apart easily due to the seeds, but it is just finiky... I have eaten 3 cones with the sorbet already so it is definitely scoop-able.

Now both the ice cream and the sherbet are made with regular sugar and the ice cream made with full fat cream and eggs. We have never tried the "corn starch method" since we don't believe in eliminating fat to lose weight (Aaron follows the "Primal diet" 5 days out of the week). I do think we will try it since they speak about it boosting the flavour of the cream and other ingredients. I also think I may try making something with stevia rather than sugar since it is more natural.

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