Friday, July 22, 2011


Recently a friend of mine has been offering up some plants form her garden for me to plant in mine. Last week I planted some strawberry plants which are still alive... much to my surprise. I also gave her some oregano and thyme. This week she offered to give me some pepper plants as well! I of course said sure. The strawberries hopefully will yield some fruit next year and the peppers should yield this season. I will be getting the pepper plants next wednesday and plant them on Thursday. I am such a fan of plant and seed sharing. I know there are local seed sharing each spring in my area but there really should be more plant sharing. I have to imagine that people split their plants often, not only vegetable but ornamental plants as well, or simply have too much vegetables/fruits for their families needs and could share with neighbours and friends rather than just throw them away. Last year we gave plenty of butternut squash, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes to neighbours and friends and will do the same every year. Anytime I split ornamental plants, such as grasses and hostas, I offer them to friends and neighbours, there is no need to waste good plants! Lets all share more often the fruits of our labour!

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