Monday, July 11, 2011

I hate weeds!

I spent 30 minutes pulling weeds from our small front flower garden the other night. I mean, really? I won't even speak of our lawn and the dandelions which have taken over! When I met Aaron he was a bit of a lawn guy; competing with the neighbour with who had the better manicured lawn and such. We have moved from that neighbour but if she were to see the state of Aaron's lawn today... she may just faint! We live across from a park with a large man made pond and a small field and those weed seeds just float on over to our lawn and gardens. Aside from the weeds, all of our plants which were planted last year have survived their first year. The second and third year are often the true test of whether they are truly stable and thriving. They all seem to have plenty of new growth and I have even trimmed up the yews, mainly to get them to grow up instead of just out, but it was trimming none the less.

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