Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back to mmmmm.

Now that we are no longer expecting children or nursing we have been drinking wine again! Its really nice to cook a nice dinner and cork a bottle of wine and sit together as a family and enjoy the flavours of a good wine. I decided to rummage through our stash and notice that many are drink now or a year past their prime. I figured this meant we should start having a bottle or two per week. I really missed wine... and beer. We have been having a few brews per week as well, maybe 4-6 drinks per week... not to sound like some drunk. We did drink some wine from Sanson Estates which is a local winery. They have an Autumn Harvest Vidal which is fantastic. Then there is a Bacobama, after Barack Obama of course. It is a blend of Baco and a white wine which makes for a light red with easy drinkability and perfect for summer. I often find reds difficult to drink in the heat of the summer and prefer a nicely chilled white. this Bacobama gives the perfect balance.

Autumn Harvest Vidal 2008 - $12.95

I really don't think I have ever visited Sanson Estate without someone coming in during my time there and buying

a couple of bottles of this wine. It seems to be a staple for Essex County locals. Vidal is actually a hybrid grape

that was designed to survive Canada's inclement winters but it found a niche as icewine – actually celebrating

those same cold months. Harvested a little late in the fall, after the fruit has had time to accumulate extra ripeness

this wine shows round, honeyed aromas of pineapple and peach that carry to a soft, round, full palate.

It's simply an easy-to-drink, slightly off-dry, unoaked wine that is great on its own or will compliment

a surprising range of foods – anything from pan-fried fish to roast fowl to spicy.

Bacobama - $13.95

Wine for Change! Bacobama is a unique blend of Baco, with just a hint of white wine to offer you a lighter red.

Softer notes and slightly on the off-dry side, this wine is perfect for the first time red wine drinkers or try chilling

it 10 minutes in the fridge for an easy drinking glass of wine. This product is produced from red and white grapes

grown and fermented at our Amherstburg Ontario Winery.

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