Monday, November 14, 2011

WECSA Coop Improvements

 Aaron finally made it to this past weekend to do the improvements at the coop.  He and another member built the ladder roost with a poop drawer. They built the roost and use mesh to keep the birds from getting underneath it.  There is netting that prevents the birds from getting underneath and below the poop deck is storage for food and supplies. I went out later in the evening after the improvements were complete to check on the birds and see if they were using the roost...
New roosts with poop deck.  Underneath there is storage space for food and supplies.
My birds and the Chanteclers were up on the roost with 2 other brown hens and the one sex link.  The rest of the brown hens were... huddled in the corner between the nest boxes and the wall with some in the nest boxes.
Nest boxes, grit feeders on right wall... birds all huddled together unable to get onto the roost.
Here is the straw bale outdoor coop.  There is a hole in the side of the main coop to allow the birds to enter and exit as they please.  The white angled structure is covered with a tarp which is over the hole to prevent the birds from getting snowed in over the winter months.
Once we noticed the birds unable to get onto the high roost we decided to build a ladder so they could climb easier.  The following night 4 more made it onto the roosts; hopefully in time more will find their way up there.

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