Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My most recent blanket has been completed and turned out pretty nice.  The stitch was clean and simple and I was able to complete the blanket in less than a month.
Stitch I used for the blanket from The Complete Photo Guide To Crochet.
The blanket was for my brother in laws soon to be first born!  The baby shower was this past weekend and I was able to give the blanket along with the rest of the gift!

I also threw together a toque (hat) last night for Megan.  The toque was done is rows, not rounds with double crochet in pink and double crochet-cross stitch for the 2 rows of beige.  I used a 6mm hook but would use a smaller one next time to have a tighter crochet for colder weather, with the 6mm hook this hat will be a tad too drafty for those frigid cold days.  Also, Megan was in bed when I decided to make the toque and I guessed at the size of her head... turns out I was a size off and the toque is a bit big.  I think it is super cute though and love the way it turned out.  The yarn is Bernat Handicrafter and is 100% cotton, ultrasoft.  I may give the toque to my niece or keep it for when Megan next year... I have yet to decide.

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