Monday, November 28, 2011

French Toast!

Aaron had been bothering me for some time to bake fresh Brioche bread to make french toast with.  This past weekend we had an open house and our realtor had suggested baking bread or cookies to create a pleasant smell throughout the house.  Aaron took this advice and ran with it!  It was the perfect excuse to bake his brioche.  He got the bread recipe from The Bread Bakers Apprentice which we had purchased for his brother a few years back, although I am sure there are many fine brioche recipes online!  The book has 3 versions of the Brioche; poor mans, middle-class and rich mans.  Aaron decided to do the poor mans since the major difference (from what I understand) is the amount of butter added.  The french toast mixture was from Fine Cooking Magazine.  Turns out... Brioche makes the best french toast EVER!!!  This was so tasty and the edges were crispy and sweet and the center was just moist enough... not soggy, but just right!  Aaron served it to me with icing sugar, 100% pure maple syrup and a fanned strawberry!  Bon Appetite! 
Looks Tasty Doesn't It!

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