Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ordered Chicks!

I placed my order for 4, 2 week old Barred Plymouth Rocks today from the Harrow Feed store. I was told they will be delivered to the store on July 5th. I am not sure if they come 2 weeks old or if they stay at the feed store the the 2 weeks. I am hoping they will be ready to come home on the 5th. I am just so excited to get things up and running. I think we will be keeping the chicks in the garage during the nighttime and the coop and run during the day. I ordered some books for amazon and hope they come soon. they usually only take a few days to arrive. I can't wait to start reading up on things. The books I ordered were based on reviews as well as the preview of the book available on amazon as well.

I ordered:

I have already read so much online as well as joined a forum called Backyard Chickens. So far the people within the forum have been, for the most part, very helpful. Last night Aaron sealed our coop and run and hopefully tonight we will start getting it set up outside. I will have to have Aaron update about installing the coop and fencing. I know we will be putting down blocks as a base for the coop and we talked about putting blocks into the ground around the run as well for extra protection from predators as well as stabilization. More on the coop setup later.

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