Friday, February 10, 2012

A winter slump, yet there is light on the horizon!

In our attempt to eat fresh healthy food, the winter is truly our arch enemy.  Our local grocery stores have little to nothing local.  Our community does not hold any type of farmers market to supply in season local food to local consumers.  Aside from some Leamington hot house tomatoes, there isn't much around for the average consumer here in Essex County.  Our children are very young and need to have as much fruits and vegetables as possible, so skipping these items during the winter is out of the question.  Aaron and I could live on such foods as squash, cabbage, root vegetables, kale and collards for an entire winter, but our children are another story.  To be able to provide them with a good balance of fruits and vegetables, we need to purchase the grapes from Peru and strawberries from California... there is no other option.  We have frozen local berries from the summer and I add them to yogurt and smoothies for the kids, but they still love to bite into a (I use the term loosely) "fresh" strawberry!

Regardless, spring in simply around the corner... and Aaron and I are super excited to get our new home and begin building our garden.  For the spring we will likely use the 2 raised beds they have currently on the side yard.  Once we have the garden and chicken coop planned out we will begin their construction.  We also have future plans to get a few turkeys, some ducks, rabbits, bees and possible a few sheep for yarn... and meat after some time.  My Mom believes that my Aunt has an old family spinning wheel which I would love to have a crack at... then when I make a scarf... it will truly be HOMEMADE!  

For the small garden beds currently at the new house, we will be planting seeds here and move them with us in April and plant.  We won't have too much for our spring and early summer garden... but we should be able to have the main garden ready for some early-mid summer planting for a decent fall yield.  We have a whole bunch of other cleanup to do around the yard at the new house... not to mention getting unpacked and settled in.  Still... I can't wait!!

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