Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kelly's Baby Blanket

I finished another baby blanket for my dear friend who is having her first baby this spring. For this blanket I purchased a yarn I had never used before.  It was 3 balls (120yards) Bernat Pipsqueak: Funny Bunny Print which is a bulky, fuzzy polyester yarn that can be a bit difficult to work with.  Kelly is decorating the baby's nursery in an ocean theme so I thought this yarn would go well with the room.  When I started working with the yarn I wasn't sure if I would have the patience to complete an entire blanket with the yarn.

Here I'm about 1/2 ball of yarn in (~10 rows).

Although, I ended up finding a great rhythm.  Since it was a bit difficult to see where the next stitch was, I was able to feel the next stitch and yarn through without any issues.  This was a great project since I ended up being able to do the blanket without really looking while I crocheted.  I simply felt the stitches and it worked out well.  I love the way the blanket turned out.  It is super fuzzy; perfect for a new baby.  I did a simple double crochet using my 5.50MM hook and chained 108 stitches.  The blanket looks great and I could not be happier with how it turned out.   My only complaint is that the yarn had a few breaks in it that had been tied within the ball.


  1. It looks awesome... I know I treasure the homemade blankets I received and still have them put away. Great job and what a wonderful feeling giving such a gift.

  2. Thanks for this post! I just bought some Pipsqueak yarn for a job; I got so overwhelmed by how soft it was, I kinda forgot that it was for a paid job and I should know what I was working with :) Anyway, after buying it, I then realised that I should have some info. Your concerns beforehand (ie that it would be tricky to see the stitches) were the same as mine, so I was glad to hear you worked thru it. I already found some breaks in the yarn when I was rolling it into a ball, so I was prepared. If you still have this blanket, can you post a picture of the whole thing, or give the dimensions? I wanted an idea of how big it ended up. In case you are interested, I am using Tickle Me Pink, and Whitey White Pipsqueak with 'Loops and Threads-Charisma,Charcoal' as an accent...I am thinking of doing a basket weave, which should help with trying to find stitches. Anyway, thanks again and happy Crocheting!

    1. It has been a few years since I made this blanket and I'm not sure what the final dimensions were. It ended up being a decent sized baby blanket. I know my friend still uses it for her son whom is now 2 years old. It washes well and has held up. The backed weave would turn out lovely I think. It would certainly give it a bit of texture, even with the fuzz. I'm really glad my post helped you. I remember working with that yarn, it is very forgiving because of the fuzz so it ended up being quite nice to work with. Good Luck, I'm sure your blanket will tun out lovely! Happy Crocheting!!!