Thursday, May 17, 2012

They're Here!

Our chicks and Ducklings arrived yesterday!  In preparation for their arrival we purchased a round kiddie pool and filled it with wood chips.  We also purchased a new trough style feeder similar to this one.  We purchased a large waterer for the month old chicks and gave the small waterer to the day olds.  I do believe the ducklings are a few days old since they are far to large to be day olds.  Also some of the chicks are already getting wing feathers so they are likely a few days old already.  I assumed they would all be within a few days old but they can't possibly guarantee all day olds.  For me if they are a few days old that is great, they are far less fragile after a few days.  We have hung the heat lamp over the pool and put a thermometer inside to monitor the temp.

Also, we received 13 chicks as opposed to 12 which is how many we ordered.  I think they gave us only 1 New Hampshire X and then 3 Barred Rocks and 3 Black Sex Link to make up for it giving us 13 in total. Although once they get more feathered out it will be far easier to tell... for now the best we can do is guess.  So far, the kids have been loving the new arrivals.  I simply cannot believe how adorable the ducklings are!  

Our 4 Pekins!
Rouen.  Similar to the Mallard only heavier and domesticated.
Duck Feet!  Rouen on the left and Pekin on the right (as well as a chick foot squeezed in).

Fuzzy Bums!  Bums starting from the left: Pekin, Barred Rock and RIR.

Sleeping Chickies!  Left is a Columbian Rock Cross and right is a RIR (I think) who is even rooting!

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