Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Lock Flock Coop

The coop is officially on its way.  Aaron started the construction last week and has come a long way.  The first day he got the floor complete and then his brother came over the following day and they really made a dent in the construction (Thanks Gav!).  It has been a hot and busy few weeks here at the lock household but we are managing to get things done; slow but sure.  Today Aaron is putting on the hardware cloth around the roof venting as well as shingling the roof - a job he hates.  Aaron will be making up a page which I will later provide the link to which will give the details, specs and such for the coop.  For now I will simply post some photos.       

As for the ducklings and chicks, they are growing and doing very well.  The ducklings seem to be growing very fast but not getting much as far as feathers, only a few straggly ones on their tales which aren't true feathers.  The chicks are fully feathered on their wings and getting some back feathers as well.  The ducks are just now starting to make some small "quack" noises.  They aren't very loud yet but in a week or so I am guessing they will all be quacking away.  We have been having some issues with the waterer.  The ducks sure do make a big mess with the water.  We opened up their area to include the dog crate and an area between the pool and crate for the waterer and put cardboard on the floor with some sprinkled chips.  So far this has helped and we no longer have a small pool full of soaked wood chips and chick/duckling poop... it smelled to say the least.  Now I simply remove some cardboard boxes covered in the wet wood chips and replace with clean fresh boxes.     

They have decided that they prefer the crate, although they do venture back into the pool often.  
Our older 4 chicks are outside in our old small coop and doing well.  They have a small run which is enough for them for the time being.  They get to roost in the coop, scratch and peck around in the grass and dust bath in the chip dust so their lives are fulfilled for the time being.  In a few weeks they will need more space to spread their wings but hopefully when that time comes we will have the big coop finished.  Then the younger flock will head outside into the small coop until big enough to be with the older birds.  Once in the small coop I can put out a nice pool for the ducks to really go for a swim!

Mr. Roo Man!
Here is a Barred Plymouth Rock Pullet and Cockerel.  Note the differences: feathering colour, comb and waddle length as well as  colour and the wash on the feet (cockerel feet in photo above) and beak.  The pullets typically have darker feathering, foot and beak colouring, slower growth and lighter colour in the comb and waddles. 

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