Friday, October 28, 2011

Water Kefir: First Results

After 48hrs of fermenting (grains were asleep when we got them so they needed some time to get going again) our kefir water was ready for straining.
Kefir water after 48hrs of fermenting, prior to straining.
Straining water kefir in our tuna strainer (was unable to find a plasric sieve).
Strained kefir grains and egg shell.
Egg shell on left was fermented with the grains, right egg shell is fresh. Fascinating!
The flavour of the sucanat was still very overpowering so I decided to add some lemon juice and strawberry puree. I didn't add it to the entire batch, just about 1/3. This was very tasty! I also made a batch of lemonade and added 1/2 kefir water and 1/2 lemonade and drank that... which was also very tasty.
Kefir water, lemon juice and strawberry puree.
I went ahead and started 2 more batches of water kefir. I decided to experiment with the types of surgar I used. I ended up with about 7 tbsp. of grains after our first batch so was able to make a 4 cup and a 3 cup batch. The 4 cup batch I added 2 tbsp. of cane sugar and 1 tbsp. of palm sugar and egg shell and 1 dried prune. The 4 cup batch I added 2 tbsp. of cane sugar, 1 tbsp. of each of palm sugar and sucanat and 2 dried prunes. After 24 hrs of fermentation, they were both ready... grains were working fully.
Fruit started on the bottom but floated to the top during fermentation.
Both batches ready to go!
Both of these batches were quite tasty. They are a bit sweet but have a bit of a zing to them as well. They are not very fizzy, but to achieve a fizzy drink I believe you have to seal the lid and keep it in the fridge for a few days after straining the grains.
Here is another great link all about water kefir:
I decided to use about 1/2 of each batch and flavour them. I strained the grains and then added some mashed strawberries to one and blueberries to the other. I put lids on (loosely) and sat them back on the counter for another 24 hrs.... tomorrow we will taste!
Blueberry and Strawberry... yummo!

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