Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cooking on the Big Green Eggs

I am not sure if I have mentioned earlier that I finally got on board with Aaron's persistant begging for a new BBQ/Grill.  Turns out I really caved and allowed for the purchase of 2... yes 2 new Grills.  Aaron has been talking about Big Green Eggs for a very long time.  We eventually want to smoke meats and such and the BGE's are suppose to hold their temperature for a very long period of time.   Aaron convinced me that we need a small and a larg BGE since we wouldn't always need to fire up the large for just the family of 4.  Plus when we entertain we can cook different things (meat and veg.) at more than one temperature... or use the small while something smokes on the large and so on.  And so he built a table for his new babies:
Aaron's babies; The Big Green Eggs.
Aaron's first time cooking on his fancy new grills turned out to be reassurance that allowing him to buy them was the right thing to do.  He did a poor man's sous vide (hot tub) on the small egg using a thermometer and a pot of water on the gas stove. Held 140F water for 25 minutes with two tenderloin steaks in a zip-lock floating. Meanwhile he got the BGE smokin' hot  at 700F dome temp and seared the steaks. Best steaks ever!  Charcoal is far superior to gas as far as flavour is concerned.
Left photo=after water bath. Right photo=just off the grill
Bon Apetite! 
Second cook, pizza on the large egg. We cooked four pizzas at 700F.  Fan-tas-tic; pizzas were great. (forgot the camera though)

Third cook was on the large. He added some wood chips for some smoke and threw down a Himalayan salt block and let it heat up at 500F for 30 minutes. Fish was tasty and not salty at all. The block lends an earthy/sweetish type taste. 
Cod filets grilling away.

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