Friday, July 17, 2009

Do you really recycle?

Recycling has become part of most peoples every day life when it comes to cans, bottles and paper. But what about chemical waste, batteries, our clothes, old electronics and appliances, toys and any and all household items. You can go for a walk on garbage day and see many of these things on their way to our land fills. Why? There are many programs available for proper disposal of these items as well as reuse of most of them. Many people are too proud to have a garage sale, so donate. Diabetes Association and Salvation Army are just 2 of the many programs out there available for your household items to be "recycled". Anything in good working order can be given to others who can use it and need it. As for unusable things, there are many waste plants that will accept old appliances and electronics and sell off for scrap parts and any reusable parts and then disposes of the rest properly. Windsor has a decent program for recycling and information can be found HERE.

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