Monday, May 25, 2009

Yucky Yuccas

We worked a bit on our back gardens around the pool. We took out a Yucca and put in some Zebra Grass in its place. The problem with Yuccas is that they grow larger and larger and are a pain to split. They are tough to keep looking clean and kept. The dead leaves are difficult to pull off as are the flower stalks in the fall. We have one more Yucca to dig out and more! As nice as they can look I find them more work than they are worth. My advice is if you are considering them...know they are far from low maintenance, but are nice if you keep up with them. Also to save $$, if you need more than one and can wait for the second, just purchase the one and wait one season and you should be able to split it and have a second plant...if not a third and fourth.

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