Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Summer's Vegetable Garden: Trial #1

So our 2010 summer has come and gone. We planted our vegetable garden and it was crazy! We had way too many plants and hadn't planned very well. We had 3 zucchini plants, 4 watermelon plants, 6 or so squash plants, 4 cucumber plants, 4 kale plants and 2 each of 3 tomato varieties... which was way too much of all of these! One of each of those would have been plenty for our family. We also had some peas, lettuce and carrots that worked out really well for us. All of our plants grew well and were straight from seed. Many were started in the house and transferred well. The peas, carrots and lettuce seeds were started from seed outside. Now that we had this crazy trial run, next summer should be much more of a success. We were satisfied with our seeds from The Cottage Gardener and will order from them again. They recently sent out their 2011 seed email with some new varieties. 2011 will be the summer I report on our garden... now that we have a bit of a clue.

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